Introduction: Your Taraweeh Buddy

Are you excited about Ramadan?

Alhamduillah, year after year, we get the blessing to witness another Ramadan, interact with the Quran, cleanse our hearts and boost our faith and our spirituality.

This year will be my first year leading the Taraweeh prayer;
you’re more than welcome to join me Insha Allah at the American Muslim Center; but regardless of whether you pray with us or not, you can always join us in the Taraweeh Buddy program

To help you understand the Quran that is being recited in Taraweeh


  • You can sign up to receive a daily text message with a link and very brief overview of the verses that we’ll recite in Taraweeh (night prayer)
  • To sign up, send to the following text @MyTRWHBD to this phone number: 81010

But I don’t understand Arabic!!
I recommend referring to the following English translation of the Holy Quran, by Mohammad Abdel Haleem (Published by Oxford University Press); this was recommended by many scholars and experts, mainly Ustath Nouman Ali Khan

In addition to understanding the word-by-word translation of the Ayas, YTB (Your Taraweeh Buddy) will help you relate the verses to each other, and answer the main questions that you may have about Islam and relate the Quran to your daily life. Such questions include:

  1. What does Allah really want from me in these Ayahs?
  2. How can I break the barriers between me and the book of God?
  3. I have been studying Islam for a while, but I still have many un-answered questions on the purpose of life, tenants of faith, and the road to salvation from an Islamic perspective 


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