A Poem on Trusting God – Imam Al-Haddad

This is a nice poem that had touched my heart and helped me during tough times; Hope you enjoy it:

قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري

 فدعائي وابتهالي شاهدٌ لي بافتقاري

I trust my Lord’s infinite knowledge and wisdom,

and this has sufficed me from asking & choosing for myself, …

However, my supplication is meant to be a manifestation of my humility


ولهذا السر أدعو في يساري وعساري

أنا عبدٌ صار فخري ضمن فقري واضطراري


So for this reason, I consistently pray, in times of ease and in times of difficulty,

For I am a worshipper who found dignity in feeling needy to my Lord


يا إلهي ومليكي أنت تعلم كيف حالي

 وبما قد حل قلبي من همومٍ واشتغال
My Lord, and my King, you know exactly my situation

And you are fully aware of all the concerns that occupied my heart


فتداركني بلطف منك يا مولى الموالي

 يا كريم الوجه غثني قبل أن يفنى اصطباري
So please save me with your gentleness, for you are the king of all kings.

And you are the most generous, so please save me before I run out of patience


يا سريع الغوث غوثاً منك يدركنا سريعاً

يهزم العُسر ويأتي بالذي نرجو جميعاً
My Lord, you are so prompt in sending aid, and I plead to you to send it quickly

Make it defeat all hardships, and bring all my hopes with it


يا قريباً يا مجيباً يا عليماً يا سميعاً

قد تحققت بعجزي وخضوعي وانكساري


My Lord, you are close to us and respond to our prayers, you are the all-knowing, the all-hearer

I have realized my weakness, submission, and my humility before you


لم أزل بالباب واقف فارحمن ربي وقوفي

وبوادي الفضل عاكف فأدم ربي عكوفي


I will keep on standing at your door, so my Lord have mercy on this beggar

And I will seclude myself in the valley of your generosity, so keep me in my seclusion


ولحسن الظن لازم فهو خِلّي وحليفي

وأنيسي وجليسي طول ليلي ونهاري
And I will keep my good assumption and high hopes in you, since it is my greatest asset

And it is my friend and ally, during my long days and nights.


حاجة في النفس يا رب فاقضها يا خير قاضي

وأرح سِري وقلبي من لظاها والمضى بي


I am so desperate for this one need in my soul, so please fulfil it for me

And bring ease and comfort to my heart, away from its burning desire


في سرورٍ وحبورٍ وإذا ما كنت راضِ

فالهنا والبَسط حالي وشعاري ودثاري

And allow me to experience tranquility and happiness,

And if you are satisfied from me, only then I can celebrate, and wear the garment of fulfilment and joy

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