They Had Their Life Ahead of Them – Seminar on Life, Death, & Afterlife Planning

They Had Their Life Ahead of Them – Seminar on Life, Death, & Afterlife Planning

Why you NEED to bring this course to your community?

  • Young examples from our community.
  • Death does not recognize age; it has come to the healthy before the sick, and to the child before the elder.
  • YOLT  (You Only Live Twice)
  • Learning about the Islamic view of life, death, and the life of al-barzakh creates a balanced dose between fear and hope
  • Remembering death puts your priorities straight.
  • Your productivity, fulfillment, & relationships should improve once you reflect on death and the purpose of life.
  • An example in Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • #LifeAOT should improve the following aspects in your relation with Allah:

This is an interactive workshop that typically includes a workbook, gift bag, and a lot of activities and reflections!

LifeAOT        Booklet Outline
Chapter 1: See You At The Crossroads

  1. Why You Need this Course
  2. The Cup We’re All Tasting From
  3. The Delusion of Life
  4. Between the Hereafter and the Worldly Life: Moderation
  5. Is it Permissible for Someone to Wish for Death?
  6. Visiting the Graveyard for Men and Women

Chapter 2: The Arrival

  1. Map of the Journey to the Afterlife
  2. The World of Dharr (particles), When  all Humans Were Believers
  3. The Womb
  4. The Most Common Question in Islamic Theology
  5. The Birth Certificate vs. the Death Certificate
  6. The Short, Lowly, and Inferior Life: The Dunya

Chapter 3: The Departure

  1. Leaving Life on a Good Note
  2. The Stupors of Death
  3. Stories About the Stupors of Death
  4. Last Chance to Repent
  5. The Virtues & Importance of the Janaza (Funeral) Prayer
  6. The Janaza Prayer and What to Say In It
  7. The Journey of the Soul

Chapter 4: The Life of Al-Barzakh (The Waiting Lobby)  

  1. First Night in the Grave
  2. The Quran on the Punishment in the Grave
  3. Scenes From The Life of Al-Barzakh
  4. Protection from Tribulations and Punishments of the Grave

Chapter 5: Leave Your Legacy

  1. Notes Left Behind
  2. What Are We Leaving Behind?
  3. Time is Your Most Valuable Asset
  4. The Bare Minimum: The 7 P’s
  5. Best Afterlife Insurance
  6. Your Own Seed to Plant
  7. Time to Make Duaa


“The event as a whole was perfect. From the information, the booklet, the casket in the room, the bag of items, the video, and the grave visit. It was a life changing experience. The most effective part was the grave visit. It taught me a lot. It was a great experience to visit a graveyard as I have never visited one before. I learned the proper etiquette, I made duaa, I felt that feeling that makes you want to change for the better. That part alone gave me what I wanted from the class when it was first brought up.”

“A great experience. This was by far the best class. The speaker was very knowledgeable, the atmosphere of the event was great, and the workbook helped me a lot even for after the class. We wrote a letter to our future self, receiving that in the mail made me realize that I had not made any progress and motivated me to become better moving forward. I revisit the workbook to this day from time to time.”

“The class was great. Truly a powerful journey through the world of death. Vising the graveyard at the end of the seminar was just the topping on the cake. It was my favorite part and just opened my eyes. It was hard for me because a dear family member of mine was buried there just a couple weeks prior to the event.; I learned the dos and donts of visiting the graveyard, and it was done in the most appropriate setting. I am glad that I was able to attend this seminar, it came at a time when I really needed it!”

“The Life Ahead of Them seminar was great experience. I took a lot from the class. It helped me focus on my prayers and helped me become a better Muslim.”

“Life Ahead of Them event was just wanted I needed. Prior to the event, my iman was low and this event helped shake my low iman. It helped me become more conscious of death coming at any age. The video that was played left an impression. My favorite part was the speaker.”

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